Free Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend with Dew Drop Premium Starter Kit through January 31, 2017

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At last Saturday’s Young Living Live Your Passion Rally, it was announced that Young Living is generously gifting brand new members a bottle of Peace & Calming when they sign up for a wholesale membership with the Dewdrop Diffuser Premium Starter Kit (pictured above.)  Seasoned oilers are going cuckoo CRAZY for this deal (and wishing we could be brand new members to take advantage of this too) because Peace & Calming is one of the most LOVED and COVETED oils, and it just came back in stock after a whole year of being gone.

Peace & Calming was one of the first Young Living oils I tried that really convinced me to make the Young Living switch.  (That and the Thieves blend, which I know I’ve mentioned before.)  In case you haven’t heard my story, I had been using a popular brand of organic oils from Sprouts, our local health food store.  I had been using them for years and years despite never getting any results from them.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because the USDA organic label gave me the warm fuzzies, or maybe because I thought they might someday start working.  Ha!  But he grocery store lavender essential oil never helped my kids fall asleep, and when I diffused it, it actually bothered the back of my throat—despite having that USDA label.  I found out WHY that was later, but I digress.

A mama friend from my kids’ school invited me over to her house and let me use her Young Living Peace & Calming and lavender essential oils to make a sleepy time roll-on blend for my kiddos.  I was skeptical, since I had zero exciting results with my previous oils.  But I loved the smell and they didn’t bother the back of my throat, so I gave them a whirl.  I was SHOCKED and AMAZED that the sleepy time blend actually worked on my kiddos, who had until that time given me nightly grief at bedtime.  Mamas, I know you know what I’m talking about.  After doing a lot of research and learning about Seed to Seal and Young Living’s beautiful, organic farms, I made the switch to Young Living permanently and I use their oils exclusively.  I finally got my Premium Starter Kit and became a wholesale member of Young Living.

Peace & Calming (which does not come in the kit) quickly became one of my favorite oils, and I listened to my oily friends and bought it every month so I could have it when it inevitably went out of stock.  This oil is so precious that Young Living limits each account to one bottle per month when it is in stock, and even then it disappears quickly.  In fact, you can’t buy it right now! But you can have a bottle of it if you order your Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser between now and January 31, 2017 by 10:59 pm MST OR if you participate in this month’s 300 PV Promotion.  

When you grab your Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser, they are giving you a bottle of one of their best loved oils—valued at retail $45.72—for FREE.  That’s amazing.  You’re paying $160 plus tax and shipping but getting around $400 worth of great stuff.

This is why we love Peace & Calming so much:

  • It’s a sweet smelling blend of ylang ylang, orange, tangerine, patchouli and blue tansy essential oils that promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being.
  • It helps to dampen tensions and uplifts the spirits.
  • Used on the bottoms of feet or in diffusers, it helps promote a good night’s sleep—even in kids!
  • It helps to calm overactive and difficult-to-manage children. It was a Godsend when my kids were home over winter break and REALLY excited for Santa to come!
  • It helps support those with depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.

If you’re new around here and you’re not sure what to expect with your Premium Starter Kit, here is a brief overview of what will be delivered to your door (in addition to the free Peace & Calming if you order by January 31, 2017):

Young Living Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser


  • A high quality diffuser that doesn’t heat up your oils so that the therapeutic qualities are retained
  • 11 bottles of therapeutic grade essential oils (plus a bonus bottle of Peace & Calming if you order between 1/21/17 and 1/31/17.)
  • 2 packets of NingXia Red juice, a powerful antioxidant supplement drink made from wolfberry (goji) juice, blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, and raspberry juices and infused with lemon and orange essential oils. NingXia Red supports immune function, liver function, eye health and can increase energy!
  • A wholesale membership so you get 24% off everything. No you don’t have to sell anything and no, autoships are not required! These options are available, but not required!
  • 10 glass drams so you can take your oils to go or give samples to your friends.
  • 10 sample sachets, so you can take oils to go or give samples to your friends.
  • An AromaGlide roller fitment, so you can turn one of your oils into a roller bottle.
  • A bunch of literature, including an EO magazine and Product Guide.

The current kit oils (in the United States) include:

  • lavender (sleep, skin, relaxation, allergy trio, “swiss army knife” of oils, etc)
  • frankincense (cellular health, brain health, grounding, anxiousness, wrinkles, sadness etc)
  • lemon (clarity, detox, weight loss, part of allergy trio, non toxic cleaning etc)
  • peppermint (sugar cravings, weight loss, circulation, alertness, headaches, allergies etc)
  • copaiba (soothes inflammation, oil magnifier, throat soother, skin, hair etc)
  • PanAway (for sore muscles, achy joints, bone health, bruises, cramps, etc)
  • Thieves (immune support, toothaches, non toxic cleaning, killer of germs, etc)
  • Purification (kills bad odors, lice prevention, bug bites, acne, freshens air etc)
  • R.C. (respiratory comfort, lots of eucalyptus to open up lungs, coughing, stuffiness etc)
  • Digize (digestive support whether your pooping too much or not enough, kidney support etc)
  • Stress Away (a tropical vacation in a bottle, great for anxious, sad and stressed out people. I use it before I get into my car because driving in Southern California stresses me out.)

So there you have it.  If you have any other questions about the Premium Starter Kit, Peace & Calming, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to me.  You can click the following link to order your kit through me right now:  Please note that you must choose the wholesale membership option to get a Dew Drop kit and the Peace & Calming oil. The sign up process should just take a few minutes, and yes, they will ask you for your social security number or tax id number; this is because it is law when you have a wholesale account, but they will only use this information if you decide to sell and other people use your number to buy kits through you AND you earn over $600 in a year.  Only about 7 or 8% of us wholesale members do that though, so no pressure! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading.  I hope you take advantage and grab your kit today!  Have a wonderful week! 🙂



Free Thieves Laundry Detergent for New Wholesale Members in September 2016


Hi friends!  If you have been following my blog for a while then you probably already know what an amazing value Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is, yes?  In case you’re new around here, let me explain why the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is the best way to get started with essential oils.

When you order a PSK it automatically makes you a wholesale member, so you get to enjoy wholesale pricing, saving you 24% off the retail price.  Pretty sweet, right?  Also, in case you’re wondering, no, being a wholesale member does not mean you have to sell anything or be obligated to an autoship program.  These options will be available to you if you choose to participate in the future, but the Joyful Oilers  will never pressure you to do that, so no worries!  Here’s what you get when you order the current Premium Starter Kit:

  • 11 bottles of essential oils for supporting the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, sleep, mood, energy and much more
  • A cool-mist diffuser that doubles as an air humidifier and is made from high quality, medical grade plastic that won’t break down on you
  • 1 AromaGlide fitment so you can make your own roll-on oil bottle
  • 10 mini drams so you can travel with your oils or share them with your friends
  • 10 sample packets
  • 2 pouches of NingXia Red berry juice, chock full of powerful antioxidants
  • Reading materials, a wholesale discount of 24% off and more!

The PSK contains over $325 worth of goodness for only $160 (plus tax/shipping.)  This is a steal as it is, because the benefits you’re getting from these oils are priceless.  But because they love us so much, Young Living is sweetening the deal for you even more this September.  For the month of September 2016, every new wholesale member who buys a PSK this month will also receive a bottle of Thieves laundry detergent.  This also applies to reactivating members who reactivate with a Premium Starter Kit!  I do believe this is only for U.S. members though.

So why use Young Living’s Thieves laundry detergent?  Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s free from phosphates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, dyes, synthetic perfumes, petrochemicals, fomaldehyde, optical brighteners and other toxins
  • It’s super concentrated and lasts a long time. Just 1/2 a cap full per load in conventional washers and just a 1/4 cap full in HE washers!
  • It’s infused with the goodness of jade lemon, bergamot, clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils.

Conventional laundry detergents are pretty terrible for the environment, and equally terrible for your health, so the sooner you make the switch to this all natural alternative, the better!  Now is a really great time since it’s free with your Premium Starter Kit order.

To order your Premium Starter Kit right now, follow this link and be sure that “member” is checked.  ***This deal does not apply to retail customers and you can only get a starter kit if you become a member!***  My member numbers should already be filled out for you in the enroller and sponsor fields, 3471989.  Remember, becoming a member does not mean you have to sell anything or order monthly.  Got it?  Ok, good!  🙂  If you need more info, feel free to explore my web site or reach out to me with any questions you may have.  I love talking oils and would love to welcome you into our tribe of Joyful Oilers.  Let’s connect soon!

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