Dragon Time Essential Oil Blend: Before and After

Yup, it’s that good.

Dragon Time essential oil blend is PERFECT for PMS and/or “that time of the month.”  (Or “shark week” as we call it in our house.)  It combines fennel, clary sage, marjoram, lavender, blue yarrow and jasmine essential oils to help ease PMS symptoms and many discomforts of your period including cramps and even irregularity. It also helps balance emotions, alleviate mood swings and ease head tension associated with hormonal imbalance.

Let’s break down the oils that make up Dragon Time essential oil blend, shall we?

Clary sage supports the body’s production of scleral, which is important for balancing your hormones. Clary sage contains a natural form of sclareol, a phytoestrogen that mimics the function of estrogen. It can help with cramps, PMS, circulatory problems and hormone balancing.

Lavender is a natural relaxant which can calm anxious feelings, headaches and other PMS symptoms.

Jasmine can support you when you’re encountering muscle spasms, when you’re feeling blue, when you feel simultaneously nervous and exhausted, and it helps bring out the feminine attributes.

Fennel is cleansing and can also help with spasms/cramps.  It also has estrogen like activity.

Marjoram is calming to the nerves and can also relieve muscle spasms.  It not only helps with painful periods, but it can also help women during menopause.

Yarrow balances the hormones and supports the body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation.

This blend can be used topically (on the skin) or aromatically (such as in a diffuser.) I like to apply it on my lower abdomen with a bit of carrier oil (like coconut or almond oil) to help spread it around.  When cramping is especially intense it is great when combined with a warm compress over the abdomen or lower back.  Many of my friends like to use it on their inner and outer ankles or on the feet.

This is SUCH a great oil for people with uteruses. You can order yours directly from Young Living if you have an account. Wholesale accounts are best because you get them at 24% off the retail price, and you don’t have to order every month or have an autoship if you don’t want to.  (Important: Please do NOT order from a third party such as Ebay or Amazon as they are often times counterfeit oils!) The best way to become a member and get that wholesale price is to grab yourself a Premium Starter Kit, which you can do here: https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=3471989&enrollerid=3471989 To hear more about essential oils and why you’d want a kit, you can listen to an Essential Oils 101 Class on our website here.

Questions?  Shoot me an email at crystal@thejoyfuloilers.com or connect with us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If another Joyful Oiler sent you to this blog and you want them to be your sponsor/enroller, you can click on their photo on our Joyful Oiler Meet The Team page and find their sign up link that way.  Happy oiling!


Dragon Time: How to deal with “that time of the month” naturally


Hello, friends!  Let’s talk about hormones and “that time of the month”, or “shark week” as we used to call it around here. 😉 We’re busy ladies and we don’t have time to deal with cramps or mood swings, right?  Dragon Time is my go to essential oil for a happy period.  It’s a great for PMS and when you’re surfing the crimson wave.

It helps me with cramping and it also helps to balance out my emotions so I don’t feel like biting peoples’ heads off.  It alleviates mood swings, and some of my girlfriends report that it also helps them with headaches caused by hormonal imbalance.  This blend combines clary sage, lavender, jasmine, fennel, marjoram and yarrow. My favorite way to use it is to put a little coconut oil into the palm of my hand (or whichever carrier oil I have handy), add just a drop of Dragon Time and then massage on to my lower abdomen as needed.  If you feel your cramps in your lower back, you can massage it there too, and if you really need a special treat you can add 2-4 drops into your bath water, or into some Epsom salt and then into your bath water.  Soooo good.

Clary sage support’s the body’s production of scleral, important for balancing hormones. It contains natural sclareol, a phytoestrogen that mimics estrogen function, helping with menstrual cramps, PMS, circulatory issues and hormone balancing.  The lavender helps you relax and the jasmine can help with muscle spasms, sad feelings, nervous exhaustion and bringing out your inner goddess. Fennel is also antispasmodic and provides great support to thr hormones.  Marjoram calms nerves and muscle spasms, and is also great for menopausal women and those with painful periods.  Yarrow is excellent for balancing the hormones.

Are you already using essential oils?  Which oils do you use to love yourself during that time of the month?  If you’re not already a Young Living member, you can use this link to sign up for a wholesale membership so you can pay 24% less for your Dragon Time.  As always, if you have any questions, just connect with me through any of my social media accounts below, and remember, periods don’t have to suck (as much.)  Happy Friday!

Me, super happy in the clary sage at the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah.

Me, super happy in the clary sage at the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah last summer.

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