Using Essential Oils to Heal Emotionally from Sexual and/or Ritual Abuse

I debated whether or not to share this online, because it’s deeply personal and I’m usually one to shy away from certain topics on social media. As much as possible I try to keep things light and positive, because while I acknowledge that there is pain and darkness that cannot be avoided I prefer not to marinate in it. (I believe that what we focus on expands, another topic for another day.) However the overwhelming number of posts I’ve seen on Facebook over the last few days from men and women alike have inspired me to open up (a little) and share my #metoo

I’ve dragged deep, heavy shame around with me since early childhood. I didn’t tell a soul until I was 17 years old. My abuser walks free in the same city I’m raising my own babies in.

When I finally had the courage to speak up, the police department said it was too late. My parents sent me to several different therapists. The last I went to was cold and dismissive. She basically told me not to feel special; 1 in 3 women have been or will be sexually abused. Here, have some Zoloft. 😡

I’m now 34 years old and only in the last couple of years have I found coping mechanisms that actually work for me. SARA essential oil blend is now one of them. SARA is an acronym for sexual and/or ritual abuse, something that is clearly more rampant than many of us ever imagined. 😔💔

I got this oil last month and I am very glad that I did. It’s a very powerful tool for recovering from painful experiences because it opens up the root and sacral chakras, balancing emotions and relaxing you into a space where you can deal with past traumas. It allows acceptance of the memories so you can release them and move forward. This also works with repressed memories that are literally stored in your cells. It plants the seeds for emotional freedom and peace. I am using this essential oil blend in conjunction with the oils in Young Living’s Feelings collection (especially Release, Forgiveness and Inner Child), frankincense, prayer, meditation and a supportive network of healers and friends who love me. To everyone out there suffering silently there are many tools and healing modalities available out there that can help you when you’re ready. Oils just happen to be one of my favorite. 💖 Love to all of you!