Get started with Young Living Essential Oils Today

It took me 2 years to break down and get a starter kit from my Young Living friend and when I finally did I was like “how did I ever do life without this?!” Hello?! GAME. CHANGER. (I did the same thing with smartphones. Why am I so stubborn?! ) Anyways…

The Premium Starter Kit is HANDS DOWN the BEST way to get started with oils. It’s $160 USD plus tax/shipping which is basically half off of buying everything separately at retail. (Get yours here.)

Let’s break it down, shall we?:
Lemon : detox, yummy water, stain remover, bloating, natural gunk remover (even gum!)
Digize : tummy bugs, gas, bloating, kidney support
Lavender : sleep, skin, allergies, stress, after sun care
Copaiba 🍂: calm, skin, muscles, throat support
Thieves 🕵🏻: magic, the healthy keeper, DIY hand purifier, smells like Christmas!
Citrus Fresh 👃🏼: sunshine in a bottle, refreshing & uplifting mood enhancer
PanAway : happy muscles & joints, hot and icy sensation all at once! (SO good!)
Frankincense 🙌🏼: given to baby Jesus, skin, calm, prayer & meditation, grounding, gorgeous skin
Raven  : respiratory comfort, breathe easy
Stress Away : tropical vacation in a bottle
Peppermint : breathe, muscles, yummy brownies, happy digestive track

+a diffuser and TONS of oily info
+samples & NingXia (goji berry) juice
+roller top
+wholesale pricing with no strings attached (save 24% every time!)
+ me and a supportive oily community to help you the whole way!
Hello?! No brainer. Best $160 you’ll ever spend. 💁🏻  Here is the link to use when you’re ready to get started 🙌🏼 :

It’s important to enroll with someone who is going to support you along the way. The Joyful Oilers will totally do that for you, so you know what the heck to do with all of these oils when you get them. Many people buy from some random person who doesn’t pay them any attention and their Starter Kits sit in a corner collecting dust. Yikes! Money down the drain! Let us help you! Plus we have all sorts of fun games and giveaways in our secret Joyful Oilers Facebook group, along with SO much oily education.

If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to me! My email address is and I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @thejoyfuloilers

Happy oiling, friends!

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