Meet the Team

Find your tribe. Love them hard. <3

Hey friend!  Thanks for checking out our Joyful Oiler team. 🙂 As you may have already gathered from some of our blogs, you can be a wholesale member of Young Living essential oils without dabbling in the business, and in fact only about 7% of wholesale members actually engage in the business side of things. Whether you want to earn paychecks from Young Living or not, the Joyful Oilers will love on you just the same. We have Joyful Oilers allover the United States and even a few in Canada, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Joyful Oilers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. We’re mostly women, but we have a few dudes too, and we vary in ages from 16 years to 82. We’d love to have you join our tribe. 🙂

Essential oils are for everyone, and if you are longing to be a part of something bigger and you crave meeting new friends and developing deeper, more meaningful relationships, we want you to link arms with us. Come learn how to live life in a healthier way and meet some like minded people along the way. Our doors are always open. If you’d like to learn how to join our team, you can click here, or learn a little more about us individually by clicking on our photos below. 🙂

Meet The Joyful Oiler Leadership

Crystal Silvas – YL #3471989

Irene Lopez – YL #3542095

Joni Kempner – YL #4017732

Angelina Miranda – YL #3697351

Shelley Hopper – YL #1875361

Lisa Lowe – YL #3865473

Joshua Barr – YL #3996675

Sylvia Thomas – YL #4077747






Andrea Wilson – YL #3945421

Paula Behrens – YL Member #11300870

Cathy Behrens– YL Member #11159775







Sara Aguilar – YL Member #3692520