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Curious about the business side of Young Living? Want to join the coolest team around?

 Then come be a Joyful Oiler!  When you jump into the *business* side of The Joyful Oilers team (not ALL Joyful Oilers do the biz, and that’s ok) you will be introduced to an amazing group of people who love their oils, support each other, offer encouragement, work hard to achieve their dreams, and truly enjoy working together on this oily adventure.
There are so many resources available to you to make your goal-chasing easier. Feel free to use any and all images and info in our private Facebook group when posting on social media. New images are updated every so often to keep things fun and fresh. You can download and read Young Living’s income disclosure here.


Once you make the leap into this oily journey, it’s my job to help you grow your business and make it easy for you. Our diamond-studded upline has a million things for you to use, to share, to learn, to grow and to thrive. Once you join the business side of The Joyful Oilers, you’ll be added to The Joyful Oilers business group on Facebook, Diamond Droppers, Team Spark and The Lemon Droppers where you’ll find everything you could ever need to launch your business and success. In these groups you’ll find testimonies, recipes, encouragement, images to use, friendships, business bootcamps, personal development resources, book clubs, invitations to-in person training and so much more!

Ready to jump in?!

Here is the link to order a kit:

Click the signup link above and follow these steps:

1. Be sure to check Wholesale Member to earn your 24% off any future orders.

2. Then choose the Premium Starter Kit you’d like (Dewdrop diffuser is $160, Bamboo diffuser is $170 and the Aria is $260).

3. If you are doing the business you will need to enroll in Essential Rewards with a Personal Volume (PV) of at least 100 a month. (PV also stands for Point Value, and in general $1=1 PV.) You need a 100 PV order in order to get your commission check. Essential Rewards (ER) is our auto-ship program that earns you 10%-20% PV back on all of your ER orders, which you can use to buy more oils and products! Also, ER shows your commitment to the business and lets your upline know they can “stack” you. If you don’t know what that means right now, that’s ok. We will teach you.  Buying your kit counts as your 100 PV for the first month, so feel free to start ER in your second month unless you want to start accumulating points now. ***If you’re not doing the biz, you can skip ER altogether. You can still buy a kit and be a wholesale member without it.***

4. Now is a great time to add anything else you want with your brand new 24% off discount! Some of the favorites that go quickly are Deep Relief, Valor and Peace & Calming! Let me know if you want support for anything specific and I’ll help you out! You can email me at or give me a call/text at (760) 658-0655. You can also friend me on Facebook. 🙂

**And YES! It’s going to ask for your SS# BUT that’s only for tax purposes. If you sell more than $600 worth of YL products in the next year, they will use your SS# to send you a W-2. If you don’t, then it won’t be used at all.**

That’s it!

So much info, I know, so if you have any questions, ASK ME!


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