White Angelica Essential Oil Blend Uses

Did you hear?! White Angelica is back in stock!  Praise the Lord!   But it’s only available on Essential Rewards orders. Even better because you get store credit back every time you order on ER.

Not familiar with White Angelica? Well, it’s a beautiful blend of bergamot, myrrh, geranium, sacred sandalwood, ylang ylang, coriander, black spruce, Melissa, hyssop and rose.

A lot of my reiki friends and energy workers use this one in their practices to protect themselves from negative energies. It’s also a blessing for massage therapists who are all up in peoples’ energy fields while they’re touching them.

It offers a feeling of security and comfort to those who do not feel emotionally safe, and it can be used on our animal friends as well.

It increases the aura around the body, creating a feeling of wholeness and strength, like having the protection of angels all around you.

It acts as a protective shield so we don’t take on others’ negative energy.

It also helps us release the negative emotions of greed, loneliness, rejection, shame and weakness, so we can be the beings of light we were created to be.  It lets us remember who we really are.

It helps open up the root, sacral, third eye and crown chakras, centering us and connecting us to our higher power.

Apply topically to the shoulders, ears, throat, spine, wrists or neck. Or you can bathe in it or diffuse it.

I’m so glad this one’s back, you guys! You don’t even know!!!

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Using Essential Oils to Heal Emotionally from Sexual and/or Ritual Abuse

I debated whether or not to share this online, because it’s deeply personal and I’m usually one to shy away from certain topics on social media. As much as possible I try to keep things light and positive, because while I acknowledge that there is pain and darkness that cannot be avoided I prefer not to marinate in it. (I believe that what we focus on expands, another topic for another day.) However the overwhelming number of posts I’ve seen on Facebook over the last few days from men and women alike have inspired me to open up (a little) and share my #metoo

I’ve dragged deep, heavy shame around with me since early childhood. I didn’t tell a soul until I was 17 years old. My abuser walks free in the same city I’m raising my own babies in.

When I finally had the courage to speak up, the police department said it was too late. My parents sent me to several different therapists. The last I went to was cold and dismissive. She basically told me not to feel special; 1 in 3 women have been or will be sexually abused. Here, have some Zoloft. 😡

I’m now 34 years old and only in the last couple of years have I found coping mechanisms that actually work for me. SARA essential oil blend is now one of them. SARA is an acronym for sexual and/or ritual abuse, something that is clearly more rampant than many of us ever imagined. 😔💔

I got this oil last month and I am very glad that I did. It’s a very powerful tool for recovering from painful experiences because it opens up the root and sacral chakras, balancing emotions and relaxing you into a space where you can deal with past traumas. It allows acceptance of the memories so you can release them and move forward. This also works with repressed memories that are literally stored in your cells. It plants the seeds for emotional freedom and peace. I am using this essential oil blend in conjunction with the oils in Young Living’s Feelings collection (especially Release, Forgiveness and Inner Child), frankincense, prayer, meditation and a supportive network of healers and friends who love me. To everyone out there suffering silently there are many tools and healing modalities available out there that can help you when you’re ready. Oils just happen to be one of my favorite. 💖 Love to all of you!

Forgiveness, Emotional Release and a Guided Meditation

Hi, friends. This blog post isn’t strictly about essential oils, but they do come into play.  The reason for this post is that I have been noticing an increasing amount of people living in darkness, feeling lost and hurting, and if that’s you, I want to help you. You will need to keep an open mind as this stuff may be completely outside of your paradigm. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that’s ok. It took me a while to come around, too.

My teacher, Brahman Kyrie of The Brahman Project and Shanti Mission San Diego, runs a Satsang every Sunday morning at EVE Encinitas. You will hear many different definitions,  but Satsang is simply a gathering of people seeking truth and light.

This Sunday’s theme was forgiveness. The exercise of forgiveness is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration, maybe because it opens up the heart chakra (which is closely linked to the crown shakra) and lets God in (or love or light or source energy or whatever you want to call it.)

Forgiveness is not so much about “losing” or “giving in” or “letting people off the hook” as it is about freeing yourself from pain and suffering. Tony Robbins says “Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”

Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, many of us carry past hurt around. It literally lives as programming in our cells. (Science is finally waking up to this truth that spiritualists have known for thousands of years.) This anger, hurt and pain can close up our hearts and feel a lot like brick walls going up around to protect us. When we let go, we can start to chip away at this brick wall, and once it collapses we can let in the light and connect to who we really are. We can be truly free to give and receive love.

On the drive to Satsang two mornings ago, I had no idea what the theme would be, but I did know intuitively that it would require surrender on my part. While my husband drove us to Encinitas I dug through my oil bag and pulled out 4 essential oils: Release, Believe, Humility and frankincense. I rubbed Release over my solar plexus and navel chakras (front and back), Believe on my crown, heart and solar plexus, Humility behind my ears, on my crown and on my heart, and I used frankincense along the entire length of my spine from base to the top back of my neck, on my 3rd eye, on my entire face and on my crown. (If I had them with me, I would have also used Surrender and Forgiveness.)

I had an extremely profound experience at this Satsang, and a HUGE emotional release. (At one point in the video you will see Brahman Kyrie attend to someone sobbing in the front row. That was me.) I had a really good cry and let go of a whole lot of stuff I didn’t know I was still carrying around. When I left, the heaviness in my lungs was gone and I felt so much lighter!  I hope this guided meditation can help you in the same way. If you have essential oils, I encourage you to use them before pressing play, though in the meantime the meditation is great all on its own. In case you’re wondering what Brahman Kyrie is doing with her hands (because I wondered the same when I was brand new) she is sweeping our energy bodies and removing the gunk. It’s energy work, much like reiki.

Here is the recorded Satsang. For the best results, please watch/listen to this in a quiet place where you won’t have any interruptions, and sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair with your legs uncrossed (unless you’re in lotus position.) If you have essential oils for grounding and/or emotional release, use them beforehand, but again, it will still be powerful without. The oils are just a very effective tool to help the process along.

If you try this guided meditation and it helps you, please consider donating to Brahman Kyrie’s organization here: http://www.thebrahmanproject.com/donations-1/

If you are local to northern San Diego county, feel free to join us at Satsang every Sunday morning from 8-10 a.m. at EVE Encinitas on Coast Highway. It is open to all people regardless of faith or anything else. If you see me say hello. I always have essential oils with me if you need some help connecting.

Thank you for keeping an open mind and reading/watching/listening. Sending healing love and light to everyone, everywhere! May all beings be happy and free.

Why Your Brain Links Smells To Memories and How To Release Negative Emotions

Hey friends! Ever wonder why a smell can take you back to a moment in time? Well,  I’m gonna drop some science on you today! My freshman year of college I learned that the limbic system of the brain plays a major role in interpreting and channeling intense experiences, particularly memories of fear or trauma. This is super basic Psych101 stuff.

The amygdala and hippocampus are 2 parts of the limbic system that play a huge role in emotional processing, and they just happen to be situated less than an inch away from the olfactory nerve. This is why the smell of churros can shoot you back to that childhood trip to Disney or a certain cologne reminds you of your crazy ex boyfriend. 

Olfaction (smell) is the sense that is physically closest to the limbic system structures of the amygdala (which is involved in experiencing emotion and influencing behaviors and activities) and the hippocampus (which encompasses memory—working and short term.)

The amygdala is a key player in storing and releasing emotional trauma, and aromas can have a profound effect on both. Essential oils in particular can be very powerful tools in releasing emotional trauma you may not even be consciously aware of.

Young Living oils, because they’ve been properly distilled from clean plants—contain biochemicals, like sesquiterpenes, that increase blood oxygen levels in the brain. This oxygenation coupled with the power of aroma stimulates and affects the amygdala in ways that facilitate the release of stored emotional blocks, both in the subconscious mind and in our body systems. Incredible, right?

I have been using Young Living’s “Feelings kit” to aid in my emotional release, among other empowering things like feeding my mind and stepping up my spiritual practice. Release oil has had such an impact on me that I’d say if you can’t spring for the whole Feelings collection right now, at least get Release oil into your tool box. Diffuse it when you sleep, rub it over your liver area, or just breathe it straight from the bottle. Just do it a few times a day consistently and see what happens. 

P.S.- If you’re not yet a Young Living member and don’t have a person you know and trust to guide you, feel free to join our tribe of Joyful Oilers. You can use this link to sign up now or visit this page for more information on getting started. Bye for now!