Lose weight for GOOD in 2017 with the Slique in 60 Challenge!

Weight management can be yours in 2017! Are you ready to be transformed into a healthier new you? Then join the 2017 Slique in 60 Challenge starting January 9, 2017. You can find the details on Young Living’s website here.

Have you tasted the yummy Slique Shake that was released last June? The Joyful Oilers love that it is packaged in individual servings and can be added to water! I know many of us are already planning how we will detox and get back into shape post-holiday. Well, registration is now open for the Slique in 60 Challenge starting January 9th. There is plenty of inventory so stock up as needed.

The results and inches lost have been outstanding for those who have started this system since it debuted at convention this year. Go ahead and get registered and order your product now so you will be set to go!

Please read the rules and how this works and make sure that you get the desired Slique kit that you want to begin this January 9 with thousands of other YL members who are motivated to look and feel better in 2017!

To get 24% off your Slique products, become a wholesale member. You can do that by ordering a Premium Starter Kit from any of the Joyful Oiler leaders. You can find them here. Click on your leader’s photo to find out how you can order through them. Once you’re a member, you’ll be invited into our secret Facebook groups where we can share along with your journey.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Young Living Promotions for December 2016


Hey friends! Can you believe we’re already in December?!  I can hardly believe it.  I feel like time went into hyper speed around the beginning of October.  Whew!  What a whirlwind!  🙂

Anyway, I just wanted to pop on really quick and let you know about Young Living’s awesome promos for this month, December 2016, so let’s proceed, shall we? Let’s go through each PV (personal volume) tier of the promo and what you will get for FREE when you order at each level this month!
300 PV
Retail Value: $207.89
• 5-ml Excite—a brand- new blend featuring Ocotea, Nutmeg, and more!
• 15-ml AbundanceTM
• NingXia Nitro®
• 5-ml Orange VitalityTM
• Bonus Essential
Rewards exclusives:
5-ml Nutmeg and 5-ml Tea Tree
250 PV
Retail Value: $90.79
• NingXia Nitro
• 5-ml Orange Vitality • Bonus Essential
Rewards exclusives:
5-ml Nutmeg and 5-ml Tea Tree
190 PV
Retail Value: $39.80
• 5-ml Orange Vitality • Bonus Essential
Rewards exclusives:
5-ml Nutmeg and 5-ml Tea Tree
100 PV
Retail Value: $14.80
• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Tea Tree


Also, through December 31st, 2016 all new kit purchasers in the United States will also receive a free bottle of Christmas Spirit!  Woot! (Thank you to my upline, Melissa Koehler at theoilery.net for the pretty graphic!)

Let’s talk briefly about each of the promo oils, because I know how great they are, but maybe you don’t. 🙂

5ml of Excite – This is a brand new special blend formulated by Gary Young to inspire excitement and focus on the things that matter this holiday season. I can’t wait to smell it!

15ml of Abundance – Lots and lots of Abundance please! Rub it on your sacral chakra (on your belly) to attract those things that you desire!

A box of NingXia Nitro – Yes, you get a full box, not just one! Use these little gems as a natural pick-me-up to help you around the 3:00 slump or when you’re driving those long holiday drives to keep you alert or when you’re exercising for increased stamina.

5ml of Orange – Gary Young once said that what Orange oil does is makes you happy like when you were a kid. Yes please! I’ll take extra!

5 ml ER Exclusive of Nutmeg – Makes you’re whole house smell yummy this time of year and helps to support keeping everyone healthy.

5 ml ER Exclusive of Tea Tree Oil – Use on all things for the skin to keep it looking gorgeous. Tea Tree Oil is a staple around our house!

That’s it!  I hope you guys jump on the promos this month, and that your month is merry and bright.