20 Diffuser Recipes For Fall

20 diffuser recipes for fall

Hey friends!  I hope you guys are enjoying fall so far!  Me?  Well, I’m just going to have to pretend for now because San Diego hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s supposed to be fall and we’re in the middle of a crazy heat wave at the moment.  But that’s ok, because I can create my own sweater weather in the meantime with my a/c and I can trick my subconscious mind with all the autumn smells wafting through the air courtesy of my diffuser.  Yay for autumn smells!

If you follow me regularly you may recall a recent blog I wrote on scented candles and why you should avoid them like the plague.  Think cancer, asthma and many other terrible things you don’t want for yourself or for your family.  Long story short, most scented candles are highly toxic and release undesirable chemicals into the air, which you then breathe in and take into your lungs and into your blood stream.  It’s not worth it, friends.  Just say no to toxic scented candles!

But smells are such a huge part of our lives, aren’t they?  Especially during this fun and festive time of year?  What’s a girl to do?   Forego dreamy autumn scents in exchange for healthy lungs?  Well, guess what friend.  You can have your dreamy autumn scents and keep your lungs healthy at the same time.  This is where essential oils come in, obviously.  🙂  Today I am going to share with you my top 20 diffuser recipes for fall.  These essential oil blends will be sure to delight you and your house guests, and bonus, they will simultaneously support your health and well being.  So without further ado, I present to you my top 20 diffuser recipes for fall:

  1. Pumpkin Pie– 5 drops cinnamon bark + 1 drop clove + 1 drop nutmeg
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte– 4 drops cardamom + 2 drops orange + 1 drop cinnamon bark + 1 drop clove + 1 drop ginger
  3. Sweater Weather– 3 drops eucalyptus globulus + 2 drops juniper + 1 drop sage
  4. Mulled Cider– 4 drops orange + 2 drops nutmeg + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop clove
  5. Autumn Hike– 4 drops cypress + 2 drops Idaho blue spruce + 2 drops sandalwood
  6. Spiced Chai– 3 drops cardamom + 2 drops cinnamon bark + 2 drops clove + 1 drop ginger
  7. Woodland Walk– 3 drops frankincense + 2 drops Idaho blue spruce + 1 drop cedarwood
  8. Falling Leaves– 5 drops orange + 1 drop patchouli + 1 drop ginger
  9. Orange Pomander– 3 drops orange + 2 drops clove + 2 drops rosemary
  10. Snickerdoodle– 5 drops Stress Away + 3 drops cinnamon bark + 1 drop nutmeg
  11. Thanksgiving– 4 drops Christmas Spirit + 3 drops clove + 3 drops lemon
  12. Cozy Flannel– 4 drops bergamot + 4 drops orange + 4 drops Stress Away
  13. Cider & Donuts– 6 drops Stress Away + 3 drops cinnamon + 2 drops orange + 1 drop nutmeg
  14. Freshly Baked Cinnamon Rolls– 5 drops Stress Away + 3 drops cinnamon bark
  15. Apple Cider– 4 drops Thieves + 2 drops orange + 1 drop nutmeg
  16. Trick-or-Treat– 3 drops grapefruit + 2 drops orange + 1 drop lime
  17. Harvest Time– 3 drops tangerine + 2 drops cinnamon + 1 drop clove
  18. Apple Pie– 2 drops cinnamon bark + 2 drops clove + 1 Stress Away + 1 drop nutmeg
  19. Thanksgiving Joy– 3 drops cypress + 2 drops Northern Lights black spruce + 2 drops sandalwood
  20. Grandma’s Stuffin in the Oven– 3 drops rosemary + 2 drops thyme + 1 drop sage + 1 drop lemon

Choose your favorite combination from above, add water to your diffuser, drop your Young Living essential oils into the water (order them from me right here), and enjoy the warm  fragrance of fall.  I’m really diggin “Cider & Donuts” at the moment.  Ahhhhh….so good.  Have you tried any of these blends for fall yet?  Which one is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!  Was this your first time visiting?  Welcome, new friend!  Be sure to check out some of my other blogs and connect with me through any of my social accounts, listed below.  Have a fantastic fall, y’all!

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