Disneyland Adventures: Lavender essential oil to the rescue!


Don’t you hate it when you’re in your hotel room at Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel making last minute butterfly hair accessories for your Ella Disneybound and you accidentally get scalding hot glue on your fingers?  Yeah, me too.  I am SO glad I had this little travel-sized dram of Young Living lavender essential oil in my purse.  Take that, hot glue gun!  Lavender is awesome for skin support of all kinds, so I’ve also been using this on my sun-kissed face after these long, hot Disneyland days.  And—as if it couldn’t get any better—I’ve also been putting it in my diffuser to help my kidlets relax into sleep while we’ve been on vacation.  (It’s not always easy falling asleep when you’re a little kid staying at the Disneyland Resort!)  Three cheers for lavender essential oil!  

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