Deep Relief for when you stay up on Pinterest all night


It turns out I can’t pin like I could in my 20s.  In my 20s I could stay up pinning til like 2 in the morning and be totally fine the next day.  Now I can barely hang til 11 p.m. and the next day I feel like a truck hit me.  I stayed up late pinning last night and when I woke up my back and neck were so angry with me.  Like, it hurt to move my head.  I am ever so grateful for this magical unicorn of an oil.  I just rolled some on my poor, achy neck and the clouds parted and angels began to sing. This is the stuff right here.  Thank you Deep Relief.  I love you to infinity and beyond! 😄🎉 

So what makes Deep Relief essential oil blend so wonderful?  We talked a little bit about it yesterday.  (It’s one of the essential oils you can earn for FREE this month!)    Deep Relief combines peppermint, lemon, Balsam Canada, clove bud, copaiba, coconut oil, wintergreen, helichrysum flower, vetiver root, and dorado azul seed essential oils in a convenient roll-on bottle.  Together, these oils provide deep and lasting relief for sore muscles, joints and ligaments, stressed nerves and occasional head pressure.  This roll on bottle bounces around between my purse, backpack and gym bag on the daily because it is THAT essential.


Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and what they do.

Peppermint aids in the body’s natural ability to fend off inflammation.  It has a soothing, cooling effect and also helps to enhance the effects of the other oils in the blend.  Additionally, it helps the entire blend to quickly penetrate the tissues of the body.

Lemon promotes health, the body’s natural ability to heal itself, physical energy and purification.  It has an invigorating and warming fragrance and has been used historically to support the muscles in overcoming soreness.

Balsam fir creates a feeling of grounding, anchoring and empowerment.  It can also stimulate the mind while simultaneously allowing the body to relax.  When used topically (as you would in this blend) it can help to relieve tired muscles and joints.

Copaiba is extremely high in β-Caryophyllene, a sesquiterpene which is immensely helpful to the body’s natural ability to fight inflammation.  Traditionally, copaiba has been used for muscle aches, stiffness and nervous exhaustion.  It is also known as a “magnifier,” magnifying the effects of the other essential oils it is blended with.

Clove is well known for its powerful numbing sensation and its immune supporting qualities.

Wintergreen contains 99% methyl salicylate, which gives it cortisone-like properties.  It can be very beneficial for  supporting the relief of achy muscles, bones, and joints.

Helichrysum can be cleansing to the blood and may support the circulatory system.  It is an excellent support to bone health as well as to brain health.

Vetiver has a warming effect on the skin when applied topically and can also be stress-relieving.

Dorado Azul has been known to support the hormonal, nervous and respiratory systems and provides an excellent support to the body’s natural ability to relieve inflammation.

Together, all of the above essential oils have a beautiful, synergistic effect which feels amazing on the skin and goes down deep to help you feel good.  Two thumbs up for Deep Relief essential oil blend!  It is liquid gold, so it’s no wonder that Young Living limits purchases of this roll-on to one bottle per account per month—and it STILL goes out of stock pretty frequently.  Not right now though, so grab it while you can!  Did I mention you can get it for free this month if you play your cards just right?  Want to get it at the wholesale price (24% off retail)?  Become a member now by grabbing a kit from me and then add this precious blend to your cart before you check out.  I promise you, you’re going to be like “Hey Deep Relief, where have you been all my life?!”  And then you will be able to be up all night on Pinterest, pinning all the things, until the wee hours of the morning and your neck won’t hate you forever the next day.  And that is my PSA for the day. The end.

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