Young Living Essential Oil Giveaway!

Oil A Day Giveaway Winners

Have you been curious about Young Living essential oils but don’t know where to start before you invest in a Premium Starter Kit?  Maybe you’re thinking “Why can’t I just buy oils from the grocery store?” or “Why should I choose Young Living over all of the other brands?”  We get it.  There’s a lot to think about, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s why our essential oil education group was created.  It’s a place where you can explore these questions (and more) at your leisure.  There you will find videos, articles, testimonies from other Young Living essential oil users and thousands of friends ready to answer your most burning EO related questions.

Right now is a really great time to join our oil group because for the last few months or so we have been giving away a bottle of Young Living essential oil a day (Monday through Saturday) to lucky winners allover the world.  Yes, this giveaway is open to anyone in the world (unless you’re already using Young Living oils through some other team—sorry!  We have to keep this special for our team members and people brand new to Young Living.)

How it works is every morning (except on Sundays) we post a picture of a Young Living essential oil from the Premier Aroma Collection along with a description of what that oil can do for you.  However, the name will be blurred out, so you will have to dig around a little bit so you can figure out what the mystery oil is.  Some are super easy, and others will be a bit more challenging.  When you know the answer, comment on the photo in the giveaway thread and if you guess correctly, your name will be entered into a drawing for that oil.  The winner is announced the next day (or Monday morning for our Saturday oils.)  It’s really fun and a great way to learn about oils you haven’t tried yet.

We’ve given away NINETY-THREE bottles of essential oil so far, and we still have a bunch more to give.  So do yourself a favor and get in the group!  It is a secret Facebook group, so you must be my Facebook “friend” for me to add you.  Not my FB friend yet?  You can add me by clicking on my Facebook profile here and sending me a friend request.  Once I’ve accepted your request, it is helpful if you mention to me that you want into my oil group.  I don’t add people to the group all willy nilly.  🙂

And please don’t worry.  This group is strictly a tool for sharing oily wisdom and our goal is not to hard sell you.  That would just be annoying.  😉  Not sure what essential oils are and want a little bit of background before you join the group?  No worries.  You can get a brief run down on the home page of this website.  I hope to connect with you soon, friend!  And to those of you already following along and playing every day, good luck to you!

p.s.- Are you on Instagram?  If you are, you should totally follow @thejoyfuloilers.  We post teasers to the giveaway oils every day, but you do have to be in the Facebook group for your guesses to count!

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