A Visit To Young Living’s Family Farm in Mona, Utah!


young living lavender farm mona utah clary sage

A question I hear A LOT, is “Why Young Living essential oils?”  Well, for me, the short answer is purity, integrity and transparency.  It’s the Seed to Seal promise.  Before I was introduced to Young Living essential oils I used to buy a brand sold at an online herb store and at my local health food store.  I bought them because my family went fully organic in 2012 and those particular oils I bought had a USDA organic label on them.

One day, I was alerted to the fact that these oils were not exactly what I bargained for; they were being sold as fragrance, and even the USDA organic peppermint oil had a warning not to use it internally.  Upon further investigation at the FDA’s website, I learned that those oils could be labeled organic if the oil component of the liquid was from organic plants, but that they could add other ingredients (such as synthetic fragrances) without disclosing those ingredients since that is proprietary information.  There is something called the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) which says that ingredients must be labeled on packages, however “This law is not allowed to be used to force a company to tell ‘trade secrets.'” and according to the FDA’s website, “Fragrance and flavor formulas are complex mixtures of many different natural and synthetic chemical ingredients, and they are the kinds of cosmetic components that are most likely to be ‘trade secrets.'”

Because of the way essential oils are treated by the FDA, it is SUPER important to know where your oils are coming from.  See the picture at the top of this post?  That’s where my clary sage comes from. 🙂  (Pardon the quality; I took all of these pics on my phone because I forgot my hubby’s DSLR at home.)  I just got back from Utah a few days ago where I got to visit the Young Living family farms in Mona.  While I was there I got to see fields of lavender, clary sage, melissa, german chamomile, goldenrod, yarrow and more.  I can’t even begin to tell you how yummy it smelled.  So fresh and filled with an aliveness!  Good vibes for sure.

young living family farm mona utah greenhouse



crystal in lavender

My friends and I also visited the distillery while they were distilling juniper and blue yarrow, and we saw the bottling plant.

young living distilling blue yarrow



young living mona utah distillery

If you ever happen to be cruising down I-15 through Mona, Utah, please do yourself a favor and stop at the farm.  It’s family friendly, gorgeous and it even has a cool visitor’s center where you can buy stuff and take it home right then.  Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

I mean really, how pretty is this place?!

young living family farm mona utah bridge



young living family farm mona utah lake

The beautiful thing is, you don’t have to be a Young Living member to visit it either.  You can tour the greenhouses, walk through the fields, watch the distillation process and even watch them bottle the oils.  While I was there I even got to help plant some yarrow, which was awesome.  What other essential oil company in the world offers that kind of transparency?  This, my friends, is why I choose Young Living for myself and for my family.

If you’d like to hear more about the Seed to Seal promise, you can check out the Seed to Seal website.  If you’re not yet a Young Living wholesale member, what are you waiting for?!  Go grab your Premium Starter kit and I’ll help get you rollin with the oily life. If you get confused during the sign up process (remember: you have to choose the *first* option that says “save 24%” to get a kit), give me a call and I’ll walk you through it.  My phone number is (760) 658-0655 and my member number for the enroller/sponsor fields is 3471989.  I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about Young Living and one of its many farms.  I hope to connect with you soon!


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