May Faire, Mother’s Day and an AMAZING Oily Giveaway

Hi friends,

I haven’t been on social media much lately, except for the daily Instagram post sharing the Oil a Day Giveaway.  More on that later!  Spring has been busy busy for me.  I am so grateful for my Young Living income because it has allowed me the flexibility to be as involved with my kids’ school as I want to be, which this year has been quite a lot.  I am our Waldorf school’s Chat ‘n Craft lady, which is awesome because it serves as a creative outlet and allows me to socialize with a lot of other awesome mamas. I also do a lot of sewing for the nursery kindergarten and 1st grade classes, which I love.

Recently I got to volunteer to help the kiddos with flower crown making for May Faire. I love love love floral crowns—for myself—but especially on sweet kiddos.  May Faire is one of my favorite Waldorf festivals because we have the opportunity to reconnect with our  greater community and rejoice in the fertility of a new season.  We gather to make floral crowns and then the older children weave the ribbons in a rainbow of colors around the May Pole, symbolizing the renewal of our connections to each other, weaving a stronger, healthier community.  It’s beautiful to watch.  Here is a video one of the parents took of this year’s festival:


Then we had Mother’s Day Tea, Mother’s Day and all month long (actually for a few months) me and several other moms busied ourselves with preparations for our fun glamping inspired fundraising soiree.  My friend and I made play teepees and embroidered flannel blankets.  A larger group of us made a ton of pretty dream catchers, felt toys, miniatures for fairy gardens, whimsical fairy garden baskets and so many other fun, crafty things.




fairy garden teepees


The night was magical, but now that it is over I can get back to sharing with all of you my love of all things essential oils.

I mentioned above that I have been posting an Oil A Day Giveaway on Instagram.  One of my dearest friends (and incidentally the one who introduced me to Young Living oils) heads an essential oil education group called Drop Talk on Facebook where people can go to learn how to incorporate oils into their daily lives.  She bought a Premier Aroma Collection from Young Living, a collection containing 120 bottles of oily goodness, and she has been giving away one bottle a day every day except for Sundays. She will continue to give bottles away until the entire collection is gone.  Amazing, right?!  She is the kindest, most generous lady I know, but I digress.  The point of this giveaway is to educate people on various essential oils and their uses.  Every morning (except Sundays) Jessica posts a picture of the oil she is giving away with the name blurred out and a description of that oil.  This goes down in our secret FB group.  If you guess correctly on the photo your name goes into a drawing for that oil, and she announces the winners the next day.  We have shipped off 37 oils so far, and in case you’re wondering, this giveaway is open world-wide.  Here are some of the oils we’ve given away so far:

Oil A Day Giveaway Winners


These are all of the oils that will be given away when it’s all said and done:

giveaway oils


Rose?!  Frankincense?! Yeah, this is pretty epic.  If you’d like to participate, go ahead and friend me on Facebook and let me know you’d like to be added to Drop Talk, the essential oil education group.  Then you can jump right in and start guessing.  This group is a pretty useful tool for learning all things oily, and it’s great because there’s no selling in there; it’s just oil education, and right now, LOTS of giveaways.  We’re on oil #38 today, and remember, there are 120 oils total!  Get in there and good luck to you.  I hope to connect with you soon.  Thanks for reading my friends, and enjoy what’s left of May!  As for me, tonight I celebrate 14 years of marriage with the love of my life, so I am going to go get dolled up and enjoy him and these roses he just brought me. Beautiful, wonderful May. 🙂



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